Essay Pmr 2006 Silverado

Best truck I've owned

by Kyle from Madawaska, ME on March 28, 2011

I've had this truck for about three months and I love it. I live in Maine and had a regular cab truck that had this much control in the snow. I use this truck for many purposes form towing a trailer that meant and loaded for a super duty truck, to my commute to work, to a bit of off-roading every now and then. It is only the basic model with the V6 4.3L engine but it's drives through 2-3 feet of snow like I was on a tar road. For a full-sized half ton it doesn't drive like one, the ride is smooth like that of a cadiallac's and very tight turning radius compared to my uncle's 2000 model that is essentially the same as mine. There is minimal to none as far as engine noise (Purrs like a kitten) Pro's 1.Vinyl flooring that is very easy to clean (soapy rag and its good as new) 2.very comfortable 60:40:60 bucket seats (also with vinyl leather) 3.Four on the floor (Stick shifter to toggle 4X4, prefered over buttons) 4.New body style 5.Rugged (haven't found a back woods road thats beat my truck yet) 6. I like the 4-speed transmission for when I haul the trailer that I have(4-5 tons when loaded), plenty of torque to get the job done. Con's 1.Would have liked an in dash cup holder 2.Really had to crank up the torsion bars so I would stop sliding forward in my seat 3. 4X4 does not want to activate when it is below -20 F, and have to wait for a while for it to lock in 4. Crank for roll up window seem quite flimsy, very low quality plastic compared to everything esle in the cab 5.Lag in the throttle, I had this adjusted a month after I bought the truck. I put in some after market fuel injectors and throttle body that constricted les on t he motor allowing it to meet my quality of acceleration 6.I wish they would have made a 6-speed auto trans for the models, just for the fact of when I am on the highway shifts from fourth to third with any small movement of my foot on the throttle. (thinking about getting a chip to fix that)

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