Computer And Human Brain Essay

The Human Brain versus Computers

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The Human Brain versus Computers

In the past few decades we have seen how computers are becoming more and more advance, challenging the abilities of the human brain. We have seen computers doing complex assignments like launching of a rocket or analysis from outer space. But the human brain is responsible for, thought, feelings, creativity, and other qualities that make us humans. So the brain has to be more complex and more complete than any computer. Besides if the brain created the computer, the computer cannot be better than the brain. There are many differences between the human brain and the computer, for example, the capacity to learn new things. Even the most advance computer can never learn like a human does. While we might be able to install new information onto a computer it can never learn new material by itself. Also computers are limited to what they “learn”, depending on the memory left or space in the hard disk not like the human brain which is constantly learning everyday. Computers can neither make judgments on what they are “learning” or disagree with the new material. They must accept into their memory what it’s being programmed onto them. Besides everything that is found in a computer is based on what the human brain has acquired though experience.

In addition, emotions can be only transmitted by the human brain and cannot be programmed into a computer. One of the reasons is there are too many emotions to be described and they can be a mixture of feelings that it would be hard to put it into one category. Furthermore, the computer wouldn’t have the ability to know to what situation he should apply certain emotion. And different emotions can be applied to the same situation; it all depends on the experiences in our past. Emotions are personal and are different for every person and it would have to be different for every computer.

Another difference between the human brain and the computer is, the creativity of the human brain. For instance humans can create art, act in plays, or write stories and songs but computers can only help us in these activities not come up with them. While computers can help us solve math problems and find answers to certain questions it can never think of new solutions until they have been programmed into them. Furthermore computers cannot create new games or produce anything they desire like humans.

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In fact, the human brain is the one who comes up with new ideas or theories not taught before. But in a computer, everything that is there has being taught out by the human brain.

The computer also lacks the sensory organs like the eyes, nose ears, tongue and the sense of touch. For example, the eye is very important to the human brain, it can absorb millions of details in an instance where the computer does not have a sense of sight. The computer cannot achieve the sense of smell like the brain can, already registered with so many scents and aromas. A computer can neither hear nor decide if what they are listening pleases them or not, like the human brain is able to. Also the senses of taste and touch, which the computer will probably never, acquired. In other words, the brain can receive and distinguish information though the sensory organs. Even tough, each year computers are becoming more complex it can never be equal to the capacity of the human brain. The brain is able to acquired new knowledge or skills by either been thought or through experience. The human brain has the power to create things, come up with new answers while the computer cannot. The human brain is capable of experiencing emotions and the ability of the five senses. In conclusion, the human brain is more comprehensive than any modern computer.

Essay about the human brain

537 Words3 Pages

In this paper one will learn the different parts of the brain and their functions. Although the brain isn’t the largest organ of the human body it is the most complex and controlling organ. It is amazing how complicated the brain is. The brain controls every action within and out of your body. The brain has main areas that contain different areas that have specific functions. For instance the basal ganglia holds the lentiform and the caudate.
The brain isn’t just “THE BRAIN” it is actually a group of many parts. They help to inform the brain on the things going on with the human body. The brain is split in to two main parts, the left and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere has about the same areas as the right hemisphere. The only…show more content…

The corpus callosum is a bundle of nerves that connects the two hemispheres. The area that passes and processes information concerning touch, pain, temperature, and pressure on skin is the thalamus. The limbic system controls your behavior and emotions. It is involved in emotions such as fear, rage, pleasure, and sorrow. In the prefrontal area of the frontal lobe emotional traits are controlled. In the temporal lobe expressed behavior is controlled. The parietal lobe discriminates sensory. The occipital lobe is where visual interpretation takes place. Pons is a crossroad for nerves going up to the cortex, to the cerebellum and then down the spinal cord. The cortex is the outer gray area where thinking takes place. The olfactory cortex receives senses from the nose that it then sorts out. The area that identifies what we see by working out movements, colors, and shapes is the visual cortex. The area that receives taste senses is called gustatory cortex. The area responsible for analyzing data, performing memory functions, learning new information, forming thoughts, and making decisions is the cerebral cortex. The motor cortex is involved in muscle movement. The cerebellum is vital when carrying out complicated, skilled movements. It is much like a mini brain.
If before you read this paper you thought the brain was a “one man machine” I’m sure your opinion has changed after reading his paper. It is amazing how god has created the brain to have so many areas

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