International Hrm Case Study Brunt Hotels

Brunt Hotels, PLC. 2 INTRODUCTION In this case, the newly acting independent management consultant is tasked with being accountable for all of the future activities of Brunt Hotels, PLC as it plans to restructure and open a chain on hotels in France. The organization owns more than 60 hotels and has recently acquired a small hotel headquartered in France, and half of new hotels are meant to be retained and rebranded as part of Brunt Hotels Group. In order to have a successful restructure, the organization has decided to use an ethnocentric approach and send some of their existing managers to France to lead the changeover of the new hotels and then manage them after they re-open. To make sure this is successful as the hired independent consultant, the company is looking for an effective formula including the correct advisement on six different areas on how to proceed. Ultimately, it is important to utilize effective decision making to ensure the success of the hotels based on practical recruitment and selection theories. KEY PRIORITIES Going forward it is critical for Brunt Hotels to recognize the key priorities they need to focus on regarding how to proceed with this new initiative. The recommended key priorities should be for management to first decide whether to focus on hiring parent company nationals (PCNs) or host country nationals (HCNs) for the management position. They should keep in mind that candidates for the management positions working in the hotels should have or be able to learn the French language. Also, to ensure no issues arise dealing with guests of a different culture, cross cultural training would need to be required for expatriates before they are sent over to France. To ensure that an ethnocentric approach is in place during the selection, a combination of PCN and HCN should be hired with primary focus PCNs and later being hired after the hotel is up and running.



Background of the Case

Brunt Hotels, PLC is a hotel chain in the United Kingdom

They currently owns more than 60 hotels throughout the UK

The headquarter in situated in France

Half of the new hotels in France would be retained and rebranded as a part of the Brunt Hotels Group and left will be sold, which will

help to achieve the Brunt Hotel’s strategic


The hotels are typically situated in the downtown

In the location many local attractions are situated, which will help the tourist spending much time outside of hotel rooms

The organization has decided to implement an ethnocentric approach

The organization would like to own 150 hotels in the next five years

Their ten year plan is to own 300 hotels across Europe

Key Priorities

Proper and attractive advertisement

For business client-providing / offering discussion or meeting room

For leisure travelers offer guide road map, necessary books regarding history of that place

Arranging local cultural program for attracting the client

Ensuring the standard of service

To recruit the employees who can speak French fluently and have general idea about French culture, tradition, location and have well knowledge about hotel management

To recruit the employee in a combination of UK and French

Make a pre-plan so that it will possible to open the new hotel on time and on budget

rguments on Hiring Candidates

 Arguments for hiring only PCNs

Obtaining better knowledge of the corporation culture

Being familiar with the company’s management techniques

Selecting people with proven loyalty who are influential at the home headquarters

Their qualifications are easier to access

Already have a relationship with the organization

 Arguments for hiring only HCNs

Familiar with the host country culture, customs, language, environment

Cost less than expatriates

Competitive capabilities in international market

Eliminate language problem

Familiar with the local business situation

They may enhance the company’s image ‘goodwill’ if they are in higher management


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