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A Quick introduction to Database

The World is growing faster and faster. And growing world has endless types of data whether it is useful or non-useful. So, to handle this much amount of data we need a storage system that is called Database.

So, after it, DBMS (Database Management System) comes into Picture. DBMS is a  system software which allows the end user to handle data.

From retrieval of data, creation and manipulating to fetching query and analyzing it is used for several purposes.

Most popular DBMS tools used are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB.

Computer Science folks must be familiar with these terms and they might be reading Database subject.

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MIS 3500 Database Systems * Asper School of Business * Instructor: Bob Travica

Instructions for the Project on Designing a Database System

Updated 2014

Your semester-long project is about designing a database system – a database and input/output objects. Your system can be broader (option A) in its domain or more focused (option B).

In case of option A, your system is expected to support data in several business areas or processes, such as purchasing, inventory and sales operations altogether (consider the Sally’s Pet Store database as an example). Practically, your system would consist of a database (several tables linked in a certain way), input forms, and queries and reports that demonstrate possible uses of the system for specific business tasks across application domains.

In case B, you would develop a database-centered information system that supports one specific segment of business (e.g., a purchasing management system, or an inventory management system, or a human resource management system). Your queries and reports should apply just to the specific application domain.

Usually, in case A the weight is on the scope of the database rather than on queries and reports. In contrast, in case B the database is usually smaller and simpler, while the queries and reports part is more elaborate.

You can accomplish this project either individually or in a team of up to three members.


In specific terms, your project includes the following.

1) Developing a business case for your system – why should your system be built. You need to discuss these elements of the business case:

a) The application domain of your system (what tasks, operations or processes the system supports, and what user group or groups are served). This part resembles the system requirements analysis that is part of any system development project, and you are at liberty to create system requirements by making assumptions about information needs of your users and organization.

b) Analysis of benefits (how will the system help in accomplishing certain organizational/managerial goals; both tangible and intangible benefits should be addressed);

c) Analysis of costs (tangible and intangible ones; note that costs should be smaller than benefits for the system to be economically feasible; reasonable estimates would suffice in your cost/benefit analysis);

d) User issues, such as, skills, adoption effort, etc. (this you can base on the literature and your insight into the comparable real-world systems);

e) Risks assessment (technical, organizational and others that apply—check your notes from the systems analysis & design course);

f) Limitations of your system (any system has it, and so does yours; a candid statement on system limitations is an indispensable part of a good system development practice).

2) Developing logical design of your system. The logical design should include:

a) Class diagram;

b) Business rules that capture multiplicity and any other constraint on the data you deem important;

c) System logic (key logic aspects that trigger important processes and/or database changes);

d) User interface (Dialogue structure or some other appropriate representation of the user interface or its representative part).

3) Developing physical design. This includes:

a) Database schema (the layout of normalized and linked tables; practically, a printout of “Relationships” in MS Access);

b) Description of input forms;

c) Description of queries and reports. You should limit your discussion to key outputs from your system. You need to explain how outputs relate to user/organizational needs that you discussed in your business case.

4)Implementing your system. Elements specified in Physical Designshould be implemented in MS Access (or some other DBMS product that your instructor can get access to). You need to populate your tables with some data, so that testing of your system can be performed.

The scope of database and the size and content of the output depends on the option you choose (A or B) and a business logic (say, you want your queries and reports to answer several business questions you deem important).


To accomplish your project, you need to consult at least three pieces of literature on comparable systems. In these, you can use any content pertaining to your project. The Web, libraries and system documentation and manuals can be helpful in this respect.

You would also need to get insight into at least one comparable real-world system. You need to identify this system clearly in your paper and to specify what specifically you learned about it.


You are supposed to write a report about your project, which addressed the structure of the project discussed above. Specifically, your report should contain:1. Executive Summary (Briefly summarize the paper) 2. Business Case3. Logical Design 4. Physical Design5. Bibliography6. Appendix: (a) Provide a disk with your software, and (b) all the charts required (charts can also be inserted in the body of text).

Your instructor will be available to assist you in the process of developing your project. Issues pertaining to the scope of your system and size of your project may need to be negotiated.

Format Requirements

Your report needs to be 12 of more pages of 1.5-spaced text, including the Appendix material (diagrams). Other expectations you will be using correct English grammar, brief and precise technical language, and the recommended organization into sections as shown above.

Finally, note that your DB system has to be a product of your own work in this course. Simply copying existing application software (of others or of your own but developed for some other course/purpose) would be considered an instance of plagiarism.


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