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While the world-class city is almost running on empty, Capetonians are struggling to stave off Da...y Zero, the day the city’s water supply will have run dry. Four million Capetonians will have to queue for their 25 litres of water each per day.

While the city has been scrambling for solutions to its water supply, Capetonians have managed to reduce their water consumption to 50 litres per day. A three-year drought and the expansion of the city’s population by 80% in the last few years, with an increase in water resources of only 15%, are some of the main reasons for the water shortage. It has been announced that Cape Town's supply of water will cease in July 2018 if there is not significant rainfall.

The city was warned as far back as 2007 that it would have to find alternative water sources by 2017. The National Department of Water and Sanitation, the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government, appear to be more preoccupied with blaming each other rather than with working together to end Cape Town’s water shortage crisis.

Is the Day-Zero warning campaign a scare tactic devised by the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape after decades of wasteful consumption on the part of the city and; has this crisis made the city more water-wise?

DO OR DRY is produced by Hazel Friedman

Watch Special Assignment, broadcast on Sundays at 21h30 on SABC 3.

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BREAKING. Major Egoli broadcast problem!

You're reading it here first. Complaints immediately started flooding in and people went crazy wanting to know from me what is going on with tonight's episode of Egoli on M-Net.

Firstly - big gap in the episode that went out at 18:30. On Thursday Stephen Edwards still asked Jansie to marry him and go to Switzerland. In tonight's episode they were already married, and back and speaking of getting hitched in PAST tense. So, a BIG GAP between the episodes. Who knows whether it's one or a multiple episodes that the soapie skipped into the future?

Then there were the unending technical problems that plagued the episode from beginning to end and made viewers furious!

The episode was much shorter in story time that usual - about 15 minutes only of the 22 episode length.

Ad breaks stopped and started at random right through. Ads happened without the Egoli title card that indicated the start and end of commercial breaks. One ad for Castle Light for instance started playing while Egoli was on, meaning that you could see BOTH the conversation between characters AND the ad superimposed on each other.

Then you saw the white letters on black background cards flashing at random throughout the whole episode with the words ''Commercial One'', ''Commercial Two'', ''Commercial Three'' and so on right through the show.

I immediately started tracking down M-Net people to get answers and find out what went wrong.

As of yet, M-Net has no idea what went wrong.

''We apologize to all M-Net viewers for the inconvenience,'' says Lani Lombard, head of M-Net publicity. ''We're trying to fond out what the problem is and we will rectify it and rebroadcast the episodes for the least amount of inconvenience possible for viewers.''

Programming note: Catch me on TV this morning.

Programming note: I will be live on the eNews Channel (DStv 403) just after 07:30 this morning on Morning News Today as pop culture expert, hopefully talking about some interesting things.

PS: I'm jetting off to the Channel O Music Video Awards 2009 later today which is happening this evening in Johannesburg. Check back for goss you KNOW you'll only read here, some red carpet pics (and more goss) and all the info from the award ceremony right after it's happened.

BREAKING. Programming alert. Catch me on TV just after 15:00 TODAY.

Programming note:I will be on the eNews Channel (DStv 403) just after 15:00 TODAY to share my insight as popular culture expert.

I was there at 02:00 this morning at Cavendish in Cape Town for the global premiere of Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT that opens for a limited run of two weeks today.


You're reading it here first.

Mismanagement. Check.
Executive leadership crisis. Check.
Allegations of corruption. Check.
Suspended executive members. Check.
Suspended commissioning of local content. Check.

What can you possibly give the SABC for this wonderful, untarnished, unblemished and simply BRILLIANT modus operandi?

How about a bronze award for BEST REPUTATION????????????

I kid you not. IN WHAT IS SURELY THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST JOKE OF THE YEAR, the SABC has been awarded a bronze award for best reputation.

The South African public broadcaster has been given a bronze in the community category for BEST REPUTATION at this year's Public Sector Excellence Awards held in Sandton.

The SABC also received a certificate for its ''high awareness level'' amongst South Africans.
I wonder: high awareness of WHAT exactly . . .?

''[The award] clearly states that the communities out there are aware of the service that the public broadcaster provides and they appreciate what we are doing,'' says Gab Mampone, the SABC's acting group chief executive officer.

How about the Proudly South African Award for supporting local content?
The Snuki Zikalala Award for International News coverage?
The Amagluglu Award for special recognition for corporate petrol cards use that goes above and truly beyond duty?

BREAKING. SABC3's Special Assignment wins international award.

You're reading it here first. First lie-detector tests, now bragging rights.

The SABC which ordered lie detector tests on its own people working on its own investigate journalism magazine show Special Assignment (after material for the haven't-yet-might-never-air episode looking at satirist Zapiro was leaked to The Mail & Guardian), now wants to brag with the show.

Johann Abrahams, executive producer of Special Assignment and investigator Godknows Nare have won a Special Prize Television award in the Lorenzo Natali awards held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their winning entry was the documentary, ''Hell Hole'', which exposed the horrors of Zimbabwean prisons which aired on Special Assignment early this year.

The global Lorenzo Natali Prize rewards journalists committed to human rights and democracy.  This year they received more than a thousand entries.

BREAKING. South Africa get's The Vampire Diaries. And only I can tell you where you'll be able to watch it- and when . . .

You're reading it here first. I was first to tell you that M-Net snagged the year's best new TV shows, Glee and FlashForward andthat M-Net Action will have the new Stargate:Universe early in the new year, and here I'm spilling everything about number four: The Vampire Diaries.

Vuzu (DStv 123) has secured the broadcasting rights to The Vampire Diaries and it will start on the channel in February.

That means that it will still be just over halfway in its first season of 22 episodes when South Africa gets to see it. I've already watched the first 6 that has gone out in America and its delicious.

QUICK CRIB NOTE:The Vampire Diaries is based on the book series by L.J. Smith.
It stars Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert and Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore.

Basically the two brothers are both vampires, Elena is caught in the middle, and Damon is BAD and Stefan is GOOD. Of course the vamp bro's are centuries old, but Elana is still in high school so The Vampire Diaries is a broody, delicious primetime teen soapie you'll love!

BREAKING. 'This Is It' red carpet premiere shown on Vuzu.

You're reading it here first. On the global pop culture diary, next week is obviously Michael Jackson week. (Unless of course, you've been living under a rock.)

I can be first to tell you to get ready to stay up late or set the VCR or PVR.
Vuzu (DStv 123) got the rights to broadcast the red carpet premiere of Michael Jackson's Michael Jackson - This Is It movie premiere on Wednesday morning, 28 October from 01:45 to 02:45. Michael Jackson - This Is It is a movie montage celebration, culled from the more than 100 hours of video footage of the live rehearsals just before the singer's death for his upcoming British tour. He would have performed in Londen's O2 Arena.

Vuzu also brings fans an EXCLUSIVE screening of Michael Jackson - This Is It on Friday, 30 October at the Cresta Mall in Johannesburg and the youth channel has 5 double tickets to give away as prizes.

To win one of these 5 double tickets you have to go and create a Vuzu profile on the website here, upload  your moonwalk (or basically just your best MJ moves, or a photo of you as the ''the gloved one'' aka in any MJ gear). Then send an email to competitions@vuzu.tv with your usename and profile link to let the channel know that you've entered.

The winners will be announced on Monday (26 Oct) on Vuzu's official website and on the daily Vuzu entertainment showbiz roundup show, V Entertainment.

In other related news of course, Michael Jackson - This Is It has also passed the 180 000 mark for TICKET PRE SALES in South Africa, breaking the record for the movie with most advanced tickets sold in South Africa . . . EVER.

On Wednesday morning at 02:00 I will be at the exclusive worldwide premiere event with Ster-Kinekor joining in the global release of the movie. Ster-Kinekor is joining the global event with 02:00 screenings at SK Fourways in Johannesburg, SK Gateway in Durban, Cavendish in Cape Town (where I will be) and SK Sterland in Pretoria.

After the official premiere, the movie will be on circuit for a 2 week limited release (normal times and ticket prices apply.

Ster-Kinekor will also be putting up a special, what they call ''Celebratory Wall'' at selected cinemas. This will celebrate the King of Pop's life and work. Moviegoers will be able to write personal messages that will be collected by Ster-Kinekor for a bound album to be sent to the Jackson family in acknowledgement of the contributions he made to Africa.

UPDATE 11:40 - I just got word that the DStv sister channels, Channel O (DStv 320) and mk (DStv 324) will also be carrying the red carpet premiere live at the same time as Vuzu (DStv 123).

BREAKING. Toldya! Oprah here in November for O Magazine. ONLY 460 places. Here's how you can get to see her!

You're reading it here first. On Saturday I was first to break the news although nobody wanted to speak, about Oprah Winfrey's visit to South Africa in November.

Associated Magazine who publishes the local version of O, The Oprah Magazine just spilled all the details on how to get access to this exclusive event. Oh, and here's is the new November cover that is on sale from TODAY. (Which, by the way you need to get for a unique number if you want to buy a ticket.)

Here's all you need to know:

Oprah Winfrey's visit with readers will be called the ''You Have the Power'' event.

It will take place on 30 November in Johannesburg and will be moderated by O, The Oprah Magazine editor Samantha Page. ''This is the second time our readers will have the opportunity to be in the company of one of the most infuential women in the world,'' says Samantha.
''We are very excited and absolutely thrilled to host Ms Winfrey and give O Magazine readers the opportunity to attend what promises to be an inspirational morning.''

Readers of O, The Oprah Magazine must buy the November issue on sale now for a unique number printed on the inside.

Tickets for the event will be available from 09:00 on Monday 2 November and will be limited to TWO PER PERSON from Computicket. When you buy a ticket, you ahve to quote the unique number found on PAGE 17 of this November issue of O Magazine.

Tickets will be R750 per person. Expensive. Then again, you get to see Oprah. Live. And everyone gets a car.
Just kidding.
Everyone gets a gift bag, a 6 month subscription to O Magazine, a breakfast and of course an audience with Ms O.

Freshlyground will provide the music entertainment on the day.

BREAKING. kykNET turning 10 - special programming, and a special documentary

You're reading it here first. Yesterday afternoon I was first to spill about kykNET's birthday plans. kykNET turns a decade old in November (how time flies), that includes new on-air imaging and a refreshed look.

Just after 19:00 the channel issued a press release with all the juicy goodies viewers can look forward to.

On 15 November the Afrikaans satellite channel is partying up a storm with a special documentary programme charting the course of the channel over the past 10 years from 1999 to today.

Piano man Rocco de Villiers who composed the first and original theme music for the channel will bring out the piano with Robert Mitchley on guitar in a musical journey.

On 22 November Fiesta will visit the fun and festivities of the party kykNET is having to celebrate the decade's achievement.

On 28 November kykNET's channel head, Karen Meiring will be in the Glitterati studio to talk about the channel's plans for next year.

Viewers can also get ready to see SEVERAL ''old'' faces when some of the previous continuity presenters drops by.

Also every Sunday in November kykNET is turning back the clock by rebroadcasting some of the very first shows on the channel that were immediate hits with viewers.

November also sees the start of 3 brand-new shows on kykNET.
* On 22 November Kyk hoe lyk ons nou (4 episodes) starts with Chris Chameleon as presenter, looking at the Afrikaans community.

* Landbousake starts on 3 November and will go out every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 06:30 looking at agriculture affairs.

*On 28 November Reik na die Sterre starts in which some of South Africa's top musical talent will entertain viewers in a variety of musical styles.

''It's ten years later and we're entering a brand-new phase,'' says kykNET channel head Karen Meiring.

''We hope to explore many brand new quality shows and heights in the coming decade. Thanks to all the pioneers and loyal supporters of kykNET and the good foundation on which we can build furter - because we are and remain just Afrikaans for everyone.''

Where the 3rd season of 'Survivor SA' will take place . . .

M-Net's third season for Survivor SA is due to start filming in just a few weeks from now (in November) and although the pay channel is super tightlipped about where it will be shot, some idle M-Net island gossips and TV production types whispered a few things to me.

Now I can be first to tell. Well, sortof.

Although very sure that I now know, I just can't spill (yet). Of course the only clue M-Net officially provided was:

''at an exotic, but desolate, location in the Indian Ocean''.

So here is where Endemol SA could be heading to film Survivor SAthis time:
Mosambique, who has the Island of Mosambique between the coastal towns of Nacala and Angoche
Kerguelen Islands

Like the kid in Lorenzo's Oil I'm going crazy to tell but won't, so get on your Marks and guess away people!

BREAKING. kykNET turns 10 with a NEW LOOK.

You're reading it here first. The Afrikaans satellite channel kykNET turns 10 next month, and I can be first to let slip that the channel is changing.

Not too much, just - as a special birthday present to viewers - a new updated logo and on-air imaging, basically a refreshed look for the channel celebrating turning a decade old officially.

Also viewers can get ready for special birthday programming, with kykNET's local shows - ranging from music to magazine shows - tying in with kykNET's birthday theme.

As soon as I get any word on any specific birthday plans, shows and special programming, you'll read it here.

Viewers will be able to catch the introduction of the new look and feel and kykNET imaging from November, with a roll-out of the special celebratory programming continuing during the whole month of November.

BREAKING. Icasa describes the meeting with the TVIEC today as . . . 'frank'

You're reading it here first. I just got off the phone with Icasa to get our regulator's take on today's meeting with the TV Industry Emergency Coalition (TVIEC). (I've given the TVIEC's take in the post directly below.)

Jubie Matlou, Icasa spokesperson calls the meeting (of two hours where Icasa chairperson Paris Mashile was present) . . .  ''frank''.

''The meeting was frank. They've put their case forward and we've put our case forward. We will have a follow-up meeting again in a month's time.''

I can be first to tell you that Icasa is working on three documents which will be available to the public in about two weeks time (hence the meeting in a month.)

Icasa is working on a new blueprint document, referred to as the new Compliance Manual for all South African broadcasters. This manual will detail how, and track how, they should comply with their licence terms and conditions. It will be published in the next two weeks or so.

Icasa also plans to release the SABC's 2008/2009 Compliance Report - which should make for very interesting reading.
''We are going to release it to the public,'' says Jubie, ''so that the question on the SABC's compliance is not a matter of something that is between the SABC and Icasa only.''

Icasa is also readying the final Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) regulations which Icasa will also publish in the next few weeks. The regulator also has a detailed DTT market study which will help with the review of existing local TV content regulations.

The review?


According to Icasa the last local TV content regulations was set and published in 2003.
''It needs to be reviewed every 5 years. Especially as South Africa is moving into a digital broadcasting environment, its crucial to relook these regulations again.''

BREAKING. TVIEC accuses Icasa of insufficient monitoring of the SABC.

You're reading it here first. I just got the first feedback from the TV Industry Emergency Coalition (TVIEC) who met today with the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (Icasa).

The TVIEC had a 2 hour meeting with Icasa who is supposed to check and monitor TV channel's local content quotas.

The TVIEC says - especially in light of the SABC's drastic cutback on local content commissions - that Icasa is basically not checking and monitoring the SABC's compliance reports related to local content broadcasting correctly.

''The TVIEC is alarmed at the lack of rigid monitoring of SABC compliance admitted by Icasa in the meeting,'' says the TVIEC.

''Presented with files of evidence about a lack of data accompanying SABC’s local content compliance reports for the past seven years, Icasa admitted that they have not had the requisite methodology in place to fully monitor SABC’s compliance claims.''

The TVIEC says that ''Icasa stated that they are developing a new blueprint that will be able to accurately measure SABC’s compliance instead of just being reliant on SABC’s summaries and occasional spot checks.''

''While the TVIEC believes that Icasa intends to beef up its monitoring, the regulator was unable to explain why other broadcasters have in the past provided data to support their compliance summaries but the SABC never has.''

BREAKING. 'Absolute Woman' with Melanie Bala.

You're reading it here first. I can be first to tell you that Melanie Bala's new local talk show will be titled. . . Absolute Woman.


Of course I was first last month with this story breaking the news that Ms M is busy with her own talk show for the M-Net Series channel.

I can now also tell you that Absolute Woman will start in January on M-Net Series. The show will center around female drive topics, as I've already said, with a studio audience. It will be M-Net Series' very first locally produced talk show.

Also, this brand-new publicity pic of Melanie Bala, you're also seeing here . . . FIRST.

BREAKING. Oprah Winfrey back in South Africa in November for another 'Best Life' visit.

You're reading it here first. I can be first to break the news that Oprah Winfrey will be back in South Africa in November again for a slightly longer stay and for speaking with women again and sharing some personal life wisdom in another ''Best Life''-seminar in Johannesburg.

This time she will be staying for a bit longer than the usual quick dash to visit her school, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside Henley-on-Klip, that is usually also kept as quiet as possible.

I've learned that Oprah will be here again next month, although nobody wanted to officially confirm her visit. She will be doing a Best Life seminar again, similar to the one in June 2005. However, there's only 460 seats available which should create the usual stampede for a seat to this ''rockstar event for women'' - my words - judging by what i saw when i attended the one in June 2005.

Oprah will once again talk to South African woman and share her wisdom, also visit her school and meet with the people of the local version of her magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine at Associated Magazines. A meeting with readers of O, The Oprah Magazine is not excluded and also a possibility.

Associated Magazines didn't have any comment owhen I asked them, and didn't want to confirm anything.

Furthermore its completely BUZZING in local advertising circles about another rumoured event where Oprah will apparently talk to and meet local ad execs - but catch! - they will all be women. Only female advertising people from the industry will be invited to this one.

Harpo, Oprah's production company was also less than forthcoming when I approached them with what I know and asked for confirmation.

''There's nothing to announce at this time,'' was the response from a spokesperson at Harpo.

All I can say is check the cover of the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and buy it if you want to attend the Best Life-seminar. The November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine should be on sale soon.

BREAKING. SABC's 2009 MetroFM Awards cancelled. Guess why? It's not what you think . . .

You're reading it here first. There will be no 2009 MetroFM Awards this year.

The SABC just ''postponed'' it to 2010.

Which would make it the 2010 MetroFM Awards.
But the SABC doesn't like the word ''cancelled''.

Who do you think is to blame?

Well, the SABC is struggling with money, but it's not their fault . . . entirely.

The main sponsor is the the City of Tswane who withdrew as a sponsor and took the bulk of the funding for the event with it.

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